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About Morel Mushrooms

Morels are one of the very first of nature’s foods to pop out of the earth. Let the wondrous food savoring begin!!



Morel mushrooms need to be used fairly quickly. They are best eaten within about 2-3 days.

The key is to keep them cool and dry, with a little ventilation. In the refrigerator, in a loosely closed paper bag is great.

Do not store refrigerated in a plastic bag! Plastic keeps in the moisture and will lead to rot.

Rinse gently just before using to remove any sand and/or dirt. Do not wash them in advance, or store wet mushrooms.

(If you spot any errant little forest bugs, don’t worry, just swish in a bit of salt water).

After rinsing, shake lightly, and lightly pat dry with soft cotton dish towel or paper towels.

Tips for using morels

I think the best way to enjoy morel mushrooms is to keep your recipe simple.

The flavor is so wonderful, you want the morels to really be the star. So I’d recommend not burying them in a cream dish or soup. Savor each and every individual morel morsel for all it’s worth!!!

They are delicious sauteed and added to scrambled eggs, fluffy omelets, and are terrific on a baguette slice for a light lunch or show-stopping appetizer. Tossed into pasta or used as a pizza topping, paired with asparagus, sautéed and combined with ramps or spring onions and garlic –all ways are perfectly fantastic!

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