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Chive Butter

We love herb butters! Chive butter is wonderfully versatile. Fabulous on a biscuit, potatoes, spread on a cracker topped with slices of radish; you'll find yourself spreading it on everything!

1/2 stick of butter, room temperature

2-3 Tbsp. snipped chives (depending on how intense you want the flavor)


Combine the butter and chives. Season with a dash of salt if you think it needs it.

Wrap in waxed or parchment paper, then shape into a ball or a log, or other shape of your choosing.

If you make a log, you can later slice off discs for serving. Refrigerate until firm. Stores up to one week in the refrigerator, or two months in the freezer.

Recipe created or adapted by Liz Talley, Urban Graze

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