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About Turnips


Separate the roots from the greens before storing and keep in different, loosely closed, plastic bags in the fridge. Wrapping them with a paper or cloth towel will help keep them dry. The greens will last just a couple of days, but turnips will last a couple of weeks.


Turnips can be frozen if blanched, but will be suitable only for cooking.

Peel and chop into about 1” cubes, then blanch by dunking into boiling water (using a sieve) for about 2 minutes. Immediately submerge into ice cold water or run under very cold tap water. Dry completely on towels, then freeze on a rimmed baking sheet; transfer to Ziploc freezer bag and return to freezer. Best if used within about 8 months.

Tips and Nutrition

Turnips are high in Vitamin C. Chop and add to soups, stir frys, or mash along with potatoes. They can be eaten raw, and are a great addition to your veggie tray and served with dip. Cut into matchsticks or shred, and add to your salad.

The greens are actually healthier- very high in Vitamin K, A, C, E, and lots more. But they’re best not eaten raw (for digestive reasons), so braise or add to a stir fry or soup.

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