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Cabbage Crudites

Don’t forget cabbage, when putting together your appetizer/snack plate! Perfect for a Vikings game night party tray if you've got red cabbage. A great use of those firm outer leaves.

Firm, raw cabbage strips, about 1” wide x 3”-4” long

Just like broccoli and cauliflower, cabbage strips are great at this time of year served with a zippy dressing that carries a bite, such as one of these:

Horseradish Dip

½ c. sour cream or plain yogurt*

1-2 Tbsp. horseradish sauce (to your taste)

2 tsp. maple syrup

½ tsp. apple cider vinegar

2 Tbsp. snipped fresh chives, optional

Salt and pepper to taste

Honey Mustard Dip

½ c. sour cream or plain yogurt*

3 Tbsp. Dijon mustard (or to your taste)

2 tsp. honey

2 Tbsp. snipped fresh cilantro, optional

Salt and pepper to taste

*Drain plain yogurt in a sieve over sink or bowl for an hour or so to thicken.

Recipe created or adapted by Liz Talley, Urban Graze

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