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Mashed Potatoes and Squash

4 c. large diced, unpeeled potatoes

2 c. large diced (peeled) winter squash/pumpkin

1/2 c. lukewarm cream, half & half or milk

1 Tbsp. soft butter

Salt and pepper

Put potatoes and squash in pot of salted water; bring to a boil, cover and low simmer until very tender, about 10-15 minutes (depending on your dice size). Drain.

Return them to the pot and mash with a potato masher or mixer.

Add cream and butter and blend well. Season with salt and pepper.


For a fun, and fancy presentation, mash the potatoes and squash in separate bowls, then swirl them alternately in your serving dish.

Recipe created or adapted by Liz Talley, Urban Graze

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