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About Horseradish

About Wild Horseradish Root

Storage and prep Store dry roots in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag.

Horseradish will keep for a couple of weeks.

The Horseradish Golden Rule: “To keep it hot, keep it cold”.

In your CSA share, you may receive some very thin horseradish roots, and/or some thicker ones. When harvested, they come up very randomly from the ground in clumps. Beware, the tiny strand-roots carry the most intense heat!

Chop or grate horseradish in a well-ventilated area; the fumes can be very pungent!

To use the horseradish, you’ll first need to remove the peel. You simply can do this by scraping with your fingernail or a table knife on very tiny/thin roots, or with a carrot peeler or stiff brush on thicker roots. Trim off any parts that have been left exposed from being broken or cut (just like you would with fresh ginger).

The tiniest roots can be minced. Thicker pieces can be chopped or grated. I like to use a hand held microplane type grater. Do not chop, mince, shred, or grate horseradish until ready to use, as it will turn bitter and discolor.


1 Tbsp. fresh grated horseradish = 2 Tbsp. bottled horseradish

To use, simply grate the peeled root over meat, dressings, Bloody Mary’s, or make a sauce. Cooking horseradish will mellow its intensity slightly.

Easy creamy horseradish sauce:

Combine ¼ cup of plain yogurt, sour cream, or stiffly whipped cream with grated horseradish. Like hot sauce, this is an ingredient to be added to YOUR taste! Start with ½ tsp. and add until it is to the spiciness of your liking- I like just ½ tsp.; my husband likes 2-3 Tbsp.! Season with a dash of salt and pepper.

Nice optional additions:

Dijon mustard (about ¼ tsp)

White wine vinegar (about ¼ tsp)

Dill weed (about ½ tsp)

Mayo (about 2 tsp)

Note: this sauce is excellent on a roast beef sandwich with watercress, -plus a little onion, and tomato.

Add grated horseradish to applesauce, and serve with pork chops

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