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About Fennel


Store loosely in a plastic bag. It has a high water content, so will freeze if it gets too cold. Fennel will keep at least a week, likely two, but it loses flavor as it ages.

Fennel has a wonderfully unique anise flavor. Raw it is crisp and fresh and when cooked, the flavor gets milder and sweeter. It’s terrific paired with chicken, shrimp, fish, mint, avocado, red onion, lemon or other citrus, tomatoes (delicious on pizza and in spaghetti sauce).

It’s excellent shredded raw into salads, or roasted in wedges –try mixing with carrots, beets, &/or other root veggies. Amazing addition to a cabbage slaw.

Fennel is sometimes used as a breath freshener, and will quiet hunger pangs. It’s also believed to ease discomfort from flatulence, urinary disorders and constipation.

Easy way to prep fennel for use:

· Remove the stalks, but save the fronds for flavoring or garnish (use as you would dill fronds)

· Remove the outer layer of the bulb if it is thick and fibrous

· Quarter the bulb lengthwise and cut away the core

· Thinly slice, or chop as you wish

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