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About Celery

Years ago, I read in a Cook’s Illustrated magazine that wrapping celery tightly in tin foil was the best method to store it. I have found it to be very successful. It’s a little putsy to wrap and unwrap each time you use some, but it’s worth it- will keep for weeks this way.

Don’t chop until ready to use.

Trim bottom end, and tips above leaves as needed. Leaves are edible– and delicious! They have intense celery flavor, and are excellent snipped into soups, salads, anywhere you’d use celery.

Contrary to the common perception of being a benign vegetable, celery is amazingly healthy.

It is packed with nutrients that fight cancer, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and much more! Very high in antioxidants, vitamin K, C, B6. Cooked celery will retain most of it’s nutrients.

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